Mediation and Arbitration Services
Mellum & Welsh's ADR services are provided by Gale Mellum, a Rule 114 qualified neutral. Gale practiced in Faegre & Benson's Corporate Group for more than 30 years, served as head of the Corporate Group for more than 10 years, and served on its Managementt Committee for 12 years. Gale has concentrated his practice in the representation of developing businesses, including general corporate counseling, various types of debt financings, private and public securities offerings, and mergers and acquisitions faced by such businesses as they develop.

MW's mediation services provide a low cost method to reach a mutually acceptable resolution of various business disputes. Mediation focuses special attention on the factors motivating the parties or driving the dispute. Efforts are made to assure that each party has an opportunity to be heard.

We will e-mail advance instructions for clients and pre-mediation submission requests to counsel. Mr. Mellum will guide the parties through the mediation process and help analyze the issues. He will help the parties identify their risks of litigation and explore settlement possibilities. We will help document any mediated settlement in an agreement acceptable to both parties.

Arbitration services are provided by Mr. Mellum in accordance with an arbitration agreement, the arbitration rules incorporated by reference in the contract or in accordance with the terms that the parties set prior to the arbitration. The arbitration format will be determined by the arbitration agreement or the parties, but will typically follow the customary format of a trial to a judge sitting without a jury.
Other ADR Services
Mr. Mellum will also provide ADR services as an Early Neutral Evaluator or other services contemplated by the Rules or agreed upon by the parties.

ADR Fees
Prehearing preparation, communication with counsel, hearing time, post-hearing time, if any, $275/hour.

ADR Service Schedule
Gale has a flexible and adaptable schedule. ADR services are offered year round at any location agreed upon by the parties